Relative Ethical Violation model

Welcome to the questionnaire!

Thank you for taking part in this questionnaire!

You will take on the role of a military decision-maker in six different scenarios, each presenting a different ethical dilemma.

The decisions you make and the information you provide will be used in a Ph.D. research project that explores how people make decisions in ethical dilemmas—and how the computer model that we are developing (the "Relative Ethical Violation" model) can learn to make ethical decisions. The data that we collect is completely anonymous—we do not collect your name or contact information—and we will not use it for any purpose outside of the scope of this project. The survey will take around 15 minutes to complete.

For each scenario, we will ask you to make a decision on which of two courses of action to pursue—from an ethical standpoint. Then, we'll ask about some of your real-life training and expertise in the fields of military and humanities. (If you don't have experience in these fields, your input is still valuable for this project.)

We'll then request some optional demographic information from you. This information will help further our research, but you will not be required to provide it.

You must be 19 or older to participate, and we expect around 200-300 participants in this study. If you have any general questions about this survey, please contact Gregory Reed at or at 256.824.6919. This questionnaire has been approved by the University of Alabama in Huntsville's Institutional Review Board (IRB). For any privacy or rights concerns regarding this survey, please contact the IRB chair, Dr. Pam O' Neal, at or 256.824.2437.